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Laura Marie Breckenridge or better known as Laura Breckenridge was
was born on August 22, 1983. She is most popular as an American.
origin actress who was known for playing the character Rose
Sorelli in the series Bound. She’s from Flirtown
from Pennsylvania … She is a professional dancer who has learned
dancing from the rock school of dance education, as well as from the American
ballet in New York and from the Royal Ballet in London.

She is associated with the world of acting from a very young age. It
said she has a strong interest in acting and wanted to make it her career. IN
In 2005, her major break came with Southern Beauties, where she
played the role of Bell Granger. She played many small roles
and commercials in some TV shows before she starred in films
Peace. Her debut role was in 1998 when she was offered to star in the series.
called Coney Island on a mission from God, and also in the series to return
by five. In 2011, she was associated with the Grey’s cast.
Anatomy, where she played the role of Julia in the series … Many of its main
Roles also include: Let Them Tickle A Little (2007), A Favor (2007), and
like The Perfect Loser (2008) and many others.

In the same 2011, she was involved in the film ‘Christmas Kiss’.
which was the hit movie of the year, making her a famous face in
households of the country.

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