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Marcia Bisogin is a very famous Italian socialite and also an entrepreneur,
and she rose to fame as a YouTube video blogger and hosted a channel called
Marziya. Marcia Bisogin has posted a lot of fashion videos on YouTube, and she
also helped her viewers speak Italian. Marziya Bisogin is popular in
Instagram, and her account has over 6 million followers. Marziya
Bisogin was a PewDiePie fan and she sent him a note and they
developed a relationship in 2010. Marcia Bisogin then
founded Maì and she co-founded a clothing and accessories brand called,
Tsuki. Marcia Bizogin was born in the Franca family, as well as Marciano Bisogin and
Marziya Bisogin has a brother, Davide. Marziya Bisogin began
dated PewDiePie in 2011 and got married in 2019. Marcia Bisogin and
PewDiePie has two pugs, their name is Maya and also Edgar … in
year, 2019, Marziya Bisogin posted on Instagram a snapshot with PewDiePie,
Sophie Newton and P.J. Liguori. Marziya Bisogin deserves a lot of support
from her family as well as her parents to hone her skills in fashion. Marziya
Bisogin opened her first YouTube channel called CutiePieMarzia in
year 2012. This channel was all about fashion as well as beauty advice.
adolescents. Then Marcia Bisogin had a commentary on video games, DIY tips
household problems; and book viewing. This channel was
very successful and attracted many viewers. Marcia Bisogin then
joined an internet group with many other YouTube stars and expanded it
achieve. Marcia Bisogin’s childhood interests are reading fiction, as well as
play video games … Following the success of Marcia Bisogin on her YouTube channel,
she began posting several videos on topics that increased
the popularity of this channel among many teenagers as well as young people.

Marziya Bisogin’s video has collected 530 million views. Internet analytics
the firms said Marcia Bisogin’s videos are being posted on social media.
channels. Marziya Bisogin was one of the most famous internet masters
personality. Marziya Bisogin has over 6.9 million subscribers, and her
YouTube has become the most watched Italian channel ever. Marziya
Bisogin’s equity capital is estimated at about US $ 2 million, and this
makes her one of the richest internet celebrities in Europe … Marziya Bisogina
experience, as well as her popularity, forced her to go beyond traditional
areas and experimentation in clothing design; and writing.

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