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Claudia Schiffer was born on August 25, 1970 in Rheinberg, Germany.
Her parents are Heinz and Gudrun Schiffer, she had two brothers and one
sister. She grew up in a prosperous family, but she was not satisfied
itself … Since she was 5’11 ” and so thin, Claudia was very
different from other schoolgirls. She was so shy and awkward because of her strange
physical structure. But at 17, she was shocked when she appeared on
disco in Dusseldorf for a modeling agency and after that she got so much
reasonable modeling suggestions. In 1987, she left for Paris to try her luck.
in modeling.

Claudia Schiffer began her career as a fashion model, and, fresher, she
received so many requested projects from many famous companies. Guess Jean
A global campaign presented her face as a supermodel internationally. IN
The campaign brought her immense popularity. Claudia Schiffer appeared in
over 500 magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, etc.
She was the highest paid supermodel in the world, her fees went up to
$ 50,000 a day.

Claudia Schiffer is no less successful in family life … It
mother of three and an ideal wife. She broke off two engagements with her
two ex-boyfriends, one magician David Copperfield and the other
entrepreneur Tim Jeffries. However, she met her true love and perfect life.
The partner does not last long and soon connects a knot with him. In 2002 she married her present
I love director and producer Matthew Vaughn. Now the family is happy
lives in England.

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