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Born on February 13, 1979. One of the best actresses.
the Hollywood industry that has made its name a leader in the world
list. She is an American-born actress, model and fashion model.
designer … She started out as a model, then appeared and worked in some
magazines and commercials for brands before breaking them down into
industry. She made her film debut in 1997 in the film Nowhere.

She began her television career with a cameo role in the director’s popular series.
Disney, Boy meets the world and an ambulance when she was 15 or
16 respectively. She is of Greek descent and was born into a family of doctors. how
model, she has worked for many renowned talent agencies, including,
Wilhelmina is based in California for at least 5 years.
Her career film was shot in 1999, American Beauty.
she was nominated for a BAFTA in the Best Supporting category

Her other major films were American Pie (1999 to 2012), and
with Stack (2007), Loser (2000) and many others. She also starred in HBO.
Six feet under series (2004) with Fire (2013) … In 2010 she
married Canadian concertmaster Simone Sestito.
2012. Then in 2017 she went vegan and
I used non-abuse products in my daily life. She is currently
in her third marriage after she married her boyfriend Michael Hope a year
2018. Now they live in harmony.

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