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This lady was born on August 10, 1979. She is an American actress.
and she is best known for her famous role as Sam in Are You Afraid of the Dark? it
played many other characters, such as Vicki Appleby in Freaks and Geeks.
Cheyenne Hart Montgomery was another highly regarded character
by the public … Animal Practice and Better with you are also on the list
her great works.

She was born in Florida. Her father was Cuban, and her mother was still a housewife.
she was a teacher and her father was a gynecologist. She was not
her parents’ only child since she has a little brother. She is the first
started performing at the age of ten and was auditioning for
a local theatrical production, and also got the lead role.

She starred on the Disney Channel, but her parents wanted her to study first, and
she continued to fulfill her passions by playing in some local plays.
She was called Queen of Homecoming at Tampa Catholic High School in Florida.
She is also a devout Catholic.

She started her career at a very early age. It began in the second Noah,
Superboy and many other films. It was opened by Disney, and also
Nickelodeon. She starred in a party of five … It’s a drama and it got dropped
here at the age of fifteen.

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