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LaurDIY. Since 2011, she has been publishing DIY videos on her channel.
talent can be traced back to childhood. Recently YouTuber Lauren together
with several other celebrities and influencers posted their phone numbers
on YouTube. For which she received thousands of unexpected responses from fans.
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Lauren Riihimaki, originally known as Lauren Kobayashi Riihimaki, was born on 11
August 1993. She is originally from Toronto, Canada. Her parents’ name is Gail
Riihimaki and Greg Riihimaki. Lauren of Ukrainian-Finnish origin from
paternal and Japanese maternal … Straight from
as a child she was very active in playing the piano, skating, guitar, athletics
and he had the first signs of creativity. She attended Alexandra State School and
here she won the athlete award. Received a bachelor’s degree in graphics.
Post from Ryerson University. Lauren was in a relationship with
YouTuber Alex Barris is known as Alex Wasabi, but it didn’t last long. LaurDIY
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Lauren Riihimaki, before finding a suitable platform, also had to go through
phase of life. During the course of management she was diagnosed with:
anxiety disorder along with depression, as she could hardly enjoy her course
There … However, she eventually overcame it and opened her DIY channel through
which she shares her work with millions of fans and subscribers.
Lauren has two different YouTube channels, one for DIYers and the other.
called LaurDIY2 for sharing her personal life with fans. Throughout her
Lauren has worked with several popular brands such as P&G, Duck Tape and
Starbucks. Lauren Riihimaki got the opportunity to play a role in a comedy
short film This Is How We Never Make Out and eventually appeared in several
TV shows like ProjectMc, Me and My Grandma, and YouTubers React. LaurDIY
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