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Melissa Rauch found herself in the spotlight after her notable performance in the movie Big.
Explosion Theory as Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz. The story was
originally named based on the three main characters Sheldon (Kenny), Leonard
(Lenny) and Penny and are therefore named Lenny, Penny and Kenny. Melissa Rauch
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Melissa Rauch was born on June 23, 1980 in the town of Marlborough in
New Jersey, USA. Melissa is the daughter of David Rauch and Susan Rauch.
Melissa’s brother’s name is Ben. Melissa belongs to the Jewish community. it
attended Marlborough High School and this was the time she developed
passion for acting. Melissa attended Marymount Manhattan College and from
there she finished her studies in 2002 … Melissa married a famous
an author named Winston Rauch, with whom she collaborated on The Miss:
Raising Jenna Bush and several other projects. After
miscarriage, the couple finally gave birth to a baby girl named Sadie in
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Melissa Rauch began her career as a writer on the Best Week television show.
Ever Channel Show VH1. Melissa made her film debut in the movie ‘Mad’
played the role of Megan in 2006. She also made her own television
debut titled ’12 Miles of Bad Road’ as Bethany in 2007.
Melissa was also spotted in Kat and Kim as Tina in 2008. In 2009, Melissa was
seen portraying a recurring role in a cheesecake factory … Melissa and
her fellow cast members received a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for
their outstanding performance in The Big Bang Theory. Melissa was seen in
comedy show ‘The Real Housewives’ with June Diane Raphael and
Casey Wilson. Melissa voiced the character of Harley Quinn in Batman
and Harley Quinn in 2017, and also contributed her voice to Blaze and the
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