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TV presenter and mathematician Rachel Riley was born on the 11th.
January 1986 in Rochford, Essex, England. … But she grew up in Thorpe Bay
Southend-on-Sea area.

She made her television debut in 2009 with the puzzle show Countdown.
She had no television preparation and was completely
inexperienced in the industry at the time. She was least interested in joining
show, but with her mother’s approval, she had to agree. Her role
the show handled the placement of tiles on the letter board
and rounds numbers, and find the exact solution in rounding numbers if
members cannot do this. In 2019, she turned 10.
being on the countdown. In 2012, she starred in a spin-off version of the film.
8 out of 10 cats count down. In 2013 she took part in a dance show.
Pasha Kovalev became a partner of Strictly Come Dancing. They dropped out in the 6th
week of the show. Co-hosted The Gadget Show by
2013 to 2014. In 2016, she also co-hosted a science fiction film.
show This is not rocket science … In the same year, she joined Sky Sports to present
Friday Night Football. She left the show in 2017.

She married Jamie Gilbert in 2012, but they divorced in 2013.
In 2019, she married her dance partner Pasha Kovalev, with whom she has

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