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Amy Meredith Poehler, also known as Amy Poehler, was born on the 16th in St.
the month of September 1971. She is widely known as an American.
origin actress, along with comedian, producer, writer, and
director. She is best known for her role as Leslie Knope in
popular NBC sitcom, Parks and Reactions … Her character on the show was like this
it is well known to the public and critics that she won the Golden Globe.
award for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Series 2014.
She also received a Critics Choice Award for the same show in 2012.

She was a popular actress who voiced the character Joy.
in the movie ‘Inside Out’. She has also starred in TV series such as Welcome.
to Sweden, Brod City, Difficult people, as well as the Russian doll.
Among other things, she is also considered a comedian who
learned the art of improvisation at the second city and impromptu Olympics during
late 1990s. She’s a great comedian who has her own comedy show.
The central channel together with its troupe, the Brigade of Orthodox Citizens, in which she participated.
founded in 1998 … She is also the founder of the Honest Citizens Brigade.

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