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NguyễnThịThiên Thanh comes with many other titles like Tile Tequila,
as well as Miss Thila, Tila Nguyen and many other such names. She was born
October 24, 1981 She is mostly
American TV star and social media personality.
Before going into TV, she first rose to fame as the most popular
the woman will be present on the social media app, Myspace … Making an excellent
a name for herself on a social network, then she was asked to do
her television debut with her own show.
Before achieving success in the world of acting, she began her career with
model in men’s magazines. She has been featured in magazines such as
Maxim, Playboy and more. She mostly comes from the city
Houston, Texas. She moved to Los Angeles a year.
2001 to become an actress. She made her debut in 2003 with
Show VH1, Surviving Nugent. She’s just not just an actress and model; it
has also made a name for herself as a writer and singer. She has
was part of the group Beyond Betty Jean and Jealousy. She also has
published her books in 2008, which were named as, by contacting
Tila Tequila: A Guide To Love, Fame, Happiness, Success And More
life of the party.
Some of her best singles were: ‘I Love You’, ‘Paralysis, Stripper’.
friends and more … She also starred on the reality TV show Celebrity Big.
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