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a chance to learn more about her. Famous Canadian actress Amanda Catherine Crew
was born in Langley, British Columbia on June 5, 1986.
attends Brookswood High School in Langley. She started acting
career when she played in harmonious dragon tales in five grades
in primary school … She starred in commercials for Coca-Cola and acted in theater.
plays such as Langley, Stalling, Cordston Courts and The Musical.

In 2005, when she was 19, she first performed the role of Polly on screen.
Brewer in ABC’s teen drama Life As We Know It. Amanda made small
an appearance as a sister of the fraternity in an episode of Smallville. in
an extra year, she made her film debut in a supernatural horror film
Final Destruction 3. In 2010, Amanda starred opposite Kim Basinger and
Zac Efron and in the unusual romantic drama Charlie St. Cloud. At the end
in the same year she appeared in the crime thriller Repeaters as Sonya Logan, a drug
Stoner trapped in a time loop, the film was cast for nine Leo
Awards, including Best Feature Film, Amanda herself received the award for Best Feature Film.
Nominated for the role of an actress for her role in a film … This gorgeous and talented
the actress has appeared in many films and television projects, including The Break-Up
Artist, Sinter & Brothers, Knife Fight, CrazybKind of Love, Race, The
Identical, Someone Curved, Age of Adalin, Weeph Way for Now, Diary,
Motive, Suits, LifeLine and many more. As a director, she directed and
produced two films called Star Cards and The Butterfly.

She has a long-standing relationship with Canadian actor Dustin Milligan. Besides
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