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Sarah Shahi is the American television actress who is most remembered for her.
appearance in the TV series ‘Life’. Sarah Shahi was born in Euless, Texas.
January 10, 1980 … Her father, Abbas Jahansuz Shahi, was from Iran and she
Mah Monir’s mother Sorush Azar was an Iranian Spanish woman who was born in Spain.
Sarah also has an older brother named Cyrus and an older sister named
Samantha. Shahi’s mixed origins helped her develop a vision outside of religion or
region. From an early age, Shahi dreamed of becoming an actress. it
started modeling when she was only eight years old, and soon she became
next step. She worked extensively in theater at school and college.

Today Sarah is a well-established film and television actress, but began
her career on a very humble note. She has participated in various guest roles in
TV shows and movies before getting the lead role on a TV sitcom.
However, the sexy Shahi is famous not only for her acting talent. She too
considered one of the most popular players in the industry today … Shahi was
took 90th place in the rating of Maxim Hot 100 of 2005, and later
ranked 66th on the same list in 2006 and 36th in 2012.
on the cover of Maxim TV’s Hottest Girls magazine in October 2012.
AfterEllen.com ranked her 5th on their 2007 Hot List.
being an actress, Sarah Shahi also enjoys sports and has also worked
as an NFL cheerleader before starting her acting career. She is also a holder
brown belt karate.

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