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Born February 17, 1996 in Johannesburg, South Africa, American.
actress and singer and songwriter … Sasha started working when she was
four years and starred in various commercials and print ads.
She was six years old when she made her television debut with a co-star.
Buffy in the Warner Bros. sitcom, Family Affair.

She also worked as a model early in her career and continues to this day.
models for some famous fashion magazines. She became famous when she
got her first major role on the ABC series Pretty Little Liars when
was 13 years old and she played the role of Alison DiLaurentis. She became the youngest
the person who was involved in the show. She also played a supporting role in
Disney Channel’s 2011 film Adorable Geek as Amy Lubalu.

She rose to prominence for her role in the teenage comedy G.B.F. in
2013 was a huge commercial and critical success. Sasha
struck a deal with a label known as Dan Franklin Music and went out
with her debut single This Country is a Badass on April 12, 2013. … She stated
that she loves this country (USA) and could never be where
it exists today if it were not for America.

The main distinguishing factor between Sasha and others is her behavior style.
communicating with her fans, showing how she cares about them. She keeps
telling her fans that they are the whole world for her and that they should love too
yourself more than anyone else.

The gorgeous girl has over 1.78 million Twitter followers or more.
5.8 million followers on her Instagram account where she updates every minor
detail of her life.

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