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Few can match Melissa George when it comes to acting in
horror films and thrillers. She is more of an expert in this field and
has come up with many successful examples of hit films. However, she also has
has successfully played a role in many other genres and starred in several films
in her long career … Melissa George, known for her good looks, also
known as an entrepreneur. She easily handles both fields.

Melissa George was born on August 6, 1976. She is now 43
years, and during this time she has made several quality projects. She comes from
Perth is in Western Australia and she was in the United States for work.
The states have been around for quite some time. She started in 1993 and is still
goes strong.

Her list of serious relationships will include marriage to Claudio Dabed.
and then her relationship with Jean-David Blanc, but both of these relationships

She has starred in thrillers and horror films such as Amityville Horror, Derailed,
Turistas, 30 days of night, a lonely place to die and violent crime. She started
things at home and away and has been featured in popular TV shows such as Grey’s
Anatomy and the good wife … Currently working on The

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