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Lilly Galichi is a famous lawyer, entrepreneur and fashionista.
designer. It’s not that Lilly Galici is also an author and TV presenter.
Lilly Galici is of Middle Eastern descent and is American. Lilly
Galich’s zodiac sign is Taurus. … Lilly Galichi was married to her
boyfriend named Dara Mir. Lilli Galici met Dara in the lobby when
neighbors and started dating in 2016.

They have a lot of photos on Instagram, Facebook and many other social networks.
platforms. Lilly Galici’s fortune is 205 million dollars. Lilly Galichi
graduated from McCombs School of Business at the University
Texas. Then Lilly Galici moved to Los Angeles and earned
Bachelor’s degree in law.

Lilly Galici has been in fashion design since she created
the decision to pursue a career as a fashion designer, and then Lilly Galichi
honored by her brands such as Lilly Hair, Lilly Lashes, GhalichiGlam
and also WantMyLook. Lilly Galichi is a blogger. Lilly Galici also receives
many opportunities to work as an actor of the Bravo network TV show,
Sunset Shahi.

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