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Jill was born to Jill Suzanne Wagner on January 13, 1979 in Winston-Salem,
North Carolina, USA. She lost her mother shortly after she met
world, she was raised by her father David Wagner, a U.S. Marine, and her grandmother.
She has an older brother and sister … Jill was examined at Ledford Senor
High School ‘in Wallburg, North Carolina, and at that time she acquired it
graduated in business executives in 2001 from North Carolina
State University . She also visited the world famous Barbizon.
School of Modeling and Acting has focused on Roles and moved on.
She later received the name Miss Barbizon.

Jill intended to infiltrate the media and thus migrated to
California to start your profession with a demonstration. In 2003 she
arrived as an actor from an arrangement of MTV Punk’d. The show was
made by Jason Goldberg and Ashton Kutcher, and it highlights useful jokes,
recorded by hidden cameras. Jill stood out as a field agent on the show and
appeared in six of his scenes, taking part in about twelve of
representation. She is included in the British men’s magazine Stuff … it
made another achievement when the global men’s magazine Saying
placed her at number 90 on the 2004 ‘100 Hot Women’ ranking.
year, she has appeared in three television arrangements. From 2005 to 2011, it included
in various advertising campaigns on television, as a representative of the Mercury model, the brand
world-wide automaker Passage. Such advertising of a now-dead brand
she will be known as the Mercury Girl.

2005 American parody drama film ‘June Bug’ with Embed Davits,
Amy Adams, Scott Wilson and Benjamin McKenzie singled out Jill in the episode
work of Millicent. In 2017, she married David Lemanovich, whom she
dated many years … Later, this couple gave both to the girls and named her

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