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Arabella Chi was a very popular islander in the fifth season of the series.
called Love Island … Arabella Chi entered the villa on the 18th day, and
By the 25th day, Arabella Chi was thrown off the island.

On the 18th day of this famous show, Arabella Chi took Danny as well as Anton.

By the time they reached day 22, Danny decided to reunite with
Arabella Chi.

By Day 23, Arabella Chi’s team had won the Sex Pop Quiz.

By day 25 of this episode, after Arabella Chi became one of four
who should have received the least votes, Arabella Chi and Danny
were at risk of being abandoned. All the rest of the remaining islanders had to
choose one boy and one girl to be dropped.

Arabella Chi first appeared in the fifth season of the series.
TV series, Love Island.

Arabella Chi was also represented by Leni’s models. … Arabella Chi had
traveled to Tulum, Mexico in 2019.

Arabella Chi was a member of Love Island with Sheriff Lanre.

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