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Good!! Her single Show das Poderosas reached the top of the Brasil Hot 100.
Broadcast list. It has been viewed by over 130 million on YouTube. Her debut album also
have achieved the triple gold path and platinum certification from ABPD. Was sold
almost 170,000 copies in 2013. Her second studio album RitmoPerfrito
also sold about 45,000 copies in 2014. In the same year she released her
live album Meu Lugar, after which she performed at the Latin Grammy.
Prize. Anitta became the youngest Brazilian to speak at this awards ceremony.
Good!! She again received a platinum record for her song.
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During her career, she topped the iTunes chart and was elected an artist.
Year The Associacao Paulista de Criticos de Arte or (APAC) honored her with the award.
contribution to music … Five-time winner of the MTV Europe Music competition.
Awards and became the first Brazilian celebrity to win the Latin America Act.
Prize. She was named Most Influential Celebrity in 2017
social networks Billboard. She was born on March 30 of the year
1993 in Rio de Janerio in Brazil. From the age of eight she began
sing in the choir of the church of Santa Luzia. As a child, she studied English and danced
classes. She also took administration courses. Anitta nude pictures
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In 2015, she was named the sexiest woman by VIP magazine. She was
was once accused of anti-feminist speech during her participation in
show AltasHoras. She underwent almost six plastic surgeries, but did not.
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Anitta married Thiago Magalines in 2017 and then separated.
next year. Prior to that, she met with Mr. Thug and Pablo Morais. IN
In 2019, she went vegan after watching the film Cowspiracy. She announced
via twitter that she is part of the LGBTQ + community and is bisexual.
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