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for her activities on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. She has about 8 million
fans. She also had 47 million YouTube video views. She has 700,000
subscribers on YouTube. Little Ariel loves Justin Bieber and considers him
role model. She is a deadly combination of talent and beauty, and she is a star. IN
at a very young age she already knew the personality on social networks and, without a doubt,
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Baby Ariel was born on November 22, 2000 in Florida, America. Her father
name is Jose Martin and her mother is Sharon Kremen Martin. She also
have a brother. She gained recognition through Tik Tok videos … People began to like
her videos and from there she started earning fame. Ariel is gifted
a beautiful voice that mesmerizes people. Since there are also
positive and negative impact. She has to deal with a lot of bullying and after
she announced this to Ariel Movement. This is an anti-bullying campaign. It helps
youth to stay confident. She also motivates people.
although social media and fans loved her for it. She is also good-
famous entrepreneur and she started her lipstick line for her fans in a very
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Ariel was very supportive throughout the journey. Her mother
manages his Tik Tok account … The family always supported her, which helped her
confront trolls with a positive attitude. Rumor has it that she dated
‘You Now’ star Zach Clayton, fans enjoyed watching their videos. With her
An overwhelming success, this social media star is already earning a decent net worth
which is very worthy, and both her parents are proud of her. Baby Ariel
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