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Gene Colan and Roy Thomas. Carol became Ms. Marvel when her DNA mixed
with Mar-Vell during the explosion. This gave her superhuman strength.
In January 2020, news of the release of Captain Marvel 2 finally surfaced.
leaving fans in awe. The film will be released in 2022. Captain Marvel (Carol
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Carol Danvers or Captain Marvel is a former pilot of United States Air.
Force. Carol developed her cosmic powers when she was exposed to the Tesseract.
energy due to the drift of the light speed engine. Carol turned into
Cree Human Hybrid via Yon-Rogg Blood Transfusion. All her memories got
erased, turning it into a weapon of Kree and a Starforce member … Captain
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During the Kriskrull War, Carol returned to Earth and tried to
discover her past with the help of Maria Rambeau and Nick Furry. Carol
realized that the Kree Empire and Yong-Rogg were manipulating it for the sake of
very long time. Talos told her that the Skrulls were simply finding a new home.
for them … After Carol found out about all this, Carol discovered her super powers.
and defeated Ronan, the accuser who was the head of the Kree invasion who was
revealing her powers in the galaxy as her mentor named Mar-Vell.
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After spending twenty-three years on a journey through the universe, she
learned about Snap via Fury’s distress call. Carol joined
the Avengers team in an attempt to attack Thanos and repair the damage
they did. Together with Carol, they managed to save Nebula and Toby Stark from
Deep space. Carol Denver returned to Earth despite not being able to find
Infinity stones … In a second attempt, the Avengers managed to reverse
Click and also help them in the battle against Thanos. Captain Marvel (Carol
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