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Miller. Electra is a trained assassin who uses a pair of sais as weapons.
Electra was Daredevil’s love interest, but her vicious nature shared
two. Electra was first seen in Daredevil in 1981.
Marvel 80th Anniversary Celebrating First Marvel Comic Character
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Electra Natchios was born to Christina Natchios and her husband Hugo Costas.
She is originally from a Greek island near the Aegean Sea. Her brother’s name is Orest
Natchios. From an early age, Electra was raised by a member of Chaste.
named Stick, who trained her in battle. During training, Electra often
fought with three grown men at the same time … Once when Electra was
fighting the men, one of them blew her a kiss and tried to distract
her, another hit Electra in the face. Eventually one of them came
and attacked her while she was alone, she had no choice but to kill
him. This star’s knowledge imprisoned her, claiming she was harming him
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Stick later sent her to be the adopted daughter of a couple who could not have
their child. Stick left Electra alone, telling her that someday someone
come to her and change her life. Later, Stick sent Electra to
seduce and find Matt Murdock, who was his former student. Both will recognize
each other at a party at Columbia University … Electra found him
impressive because he had amazing insight. Murdoch spoke about his
father of boxing. Eventually they began to have a carefree romantic.
relations. However, Electra failed to recruit him into the Chastity Army and
Stick found out about it. Electra Natchios, brought by chastity, was
perfect assassin killer who enjoys killing his enemies. Elektra nipples
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