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admitted that she came from an aggressive and alcoholic origin. These
in the headlines of 1994. She was also sentenced to five years in prison.
an internship at a halfway house where she met Ryson and her relationship
Ryson continued to make headlines with wedding rumors. Later she
shared that her meeting with a needy mother at the rehab center left a great
impressed her and ended up adopting an 8-year-old daughter
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She was born on May 2, 1971 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
parents – Wanda Denise and Ronald Lopez Sr. She is African American
Mexican and Cape Verdeans. She learned to play the toy keyboard at the age of
5 years old and at the age of 10 years together with her formed the trio The Lopes Kids.
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In 1990, she went to Atlanta to audition for a new girl group, and after
being selected, she became part of the girl group 2nd Nature, but later
the group was renamed TLC. After the compliment, Lopez was called the left eye
because of her left eye, which was considered more attractive than her
right eye. The band released their first album Ooooooohhh … On TLC Tip’s
1992. Their second album was CrazySexyCool in 1994 and has sold over 23 times.
million copies. In 1998, she hosted the short-lived TV series The Cut. Lisa
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In 1999, the third album FanMail was released. … By releasing the third
album, she began to focus on her solo career and performed as a rapper on
several singles including Never Be the Same Again, Where I Wanna Be. She also
read a verse in Space Cowboy and she also participated in Gimme Some. IN
In 2001, she starred in a commercial for The Gap, and in the same year she
appeared in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. She opened Left Eye Productions in
searching for new talent, and she was also the mentor of the R&B trio Blaque. Lisa Lopez
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In 2001, she released her solo debut album Supernova and her second album.
NINA. was released in 2002. In 2008, her family decided to create
posthumous album in her honor, Eye Legacy via Surefire Music
Group . April 25, 2002 … she was driving when she turned slightly
avoid the truck and then immediately to the right as she tried to avoid the upcoming
the car and her car crashed into two trees and rolled several times, and she was thrown
windows and died instantly from a fractured skull base.
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