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She started working in German cinema in 1953 at the age of 15. Sissy and
Australian film in two parts: Sissy – The Young Empress, 1956.
and Sissy-The Fatal Years of the Empress was Schneider. She was also seen in
French drama ‘Christine’ in 1958. Romy Schneider Nude Pictures
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Her debut in films about France made her famous, subsequently three times in a row.
she made films that made good progress in her career, which began in 1970.
She later worked for Ludwig in 1972, in the biological film Le Train, inspired by
novel in 1973. After 1974, she began acting in series, in which she also
thanks to a successful platform, Romy Schneider was born on September 23, 1938.
in Austria and died on May 29, 1982 in France, she was only 43 years old
expired suddenly due to heart attack … They also say that the heart
the attack may be due to a weakened heart, she underwent kidney surgery, which
led to cardiac arrest. Romy Schneider nude pictures are what men love
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Ludwig was released as a biopic in which Romy starred in one of
important roles. One of the director’s most outstanding historical films
Italian director Luchino Visconti. But comparing her two main films
Sissy and Ludwig she said Sissy is a more important film and is close to
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Although she married twice after breaking up with Delon, her first knot was
associated with Harry Mayen, German film director; in 1975 she married Daniel
Biasini. Her son David, who died at the age of 14, gave her a drink. She left
fell into depression after the death of her eldest son, which led to excessive drinking.
But after her kidney surgery, she didn’t drink at all. Romy Schneider
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