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striving to become a popular Hollywood actress. So she started with the theater
classes while she was in high school, finally she auditioned for Richard
Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein. Thanks to solid play and good looks
she was selected and signed for seven years to work in their
production. It was after this that Jones met David Cassidy, they worked together.
and produced the duet album I Think I Love You, it was a huge hit.
which made it to the Billboard list and that made her an Oscar winner in music.
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Television has been one of the most important platforms for actresses
at the time, as it gave them more audience and opportunities … To grab this
Jones also appeared on television in 1979, she worked in the series The
The Partridge family and the Drew Carey show. Jones has been seen in various roles
and characters from various TV series. Her Oklahoma Music Films
which was released in 1955, and The Music man, which was released in 1962.
popular role of a prostitute in Elmer Gantry. She won the best support
Award of the actress Academy Award in 1960 for the role of a prostitute. Shirley
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Jones was born on March 31, 1934 in the United States, and grew up as a child artist.
better known for her role as Shirley Temple. She was a music star and
popular actress 1950 … Performed in the melodrama Happy End of 1969.
Furry in 1965, her musical career also began in 1953 with albums I
I still have my heart, Joe, her singles. Jones married Jack
Cassidy and her second husband were Marty Ingels. She was popular and traditional
singer and was popular in both of her duets with her first husband
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