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original beauty. And Svetlana Khodchenko does not disappoint us either. This
the beautiful Russian actress amazed the audience with her beauty and fabulous beauty.
acting skills. In addition to performances, she received the title of Honored Artist
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Svetlana Khodchenko was born on January 21, 1983 in Moscow, Russia. Her
Mother single-handedly raised Svetlana Khodchenko. During the initial
years, she lived in Zheleznodorozhny. There she attended a public school and
I have always wanted to practice medicine since childhood. In 2000 after graduation
her gymnasium in Zheleznodorozhny, she went to study at the Moscow Institute
world economy. But her craving for acting took her out of academic life.
line … From the Shchukin Theater School at the Vakhtangov Theater, Moscow,
she went to acting lessons in 2001. There she studied the principles of acting.
from the greats Nina Doroshina and Alexander Lyaubimtsev. She graduated from it
theater class 2005. Svetlana Khodchenko Nude Paintings is what
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When Svetlana Khodchenko was 15 years old, when she came to the modeling business
industry. Her modeling debut received international acclaim. With her
As a teenager, she worked with Viktor Merezhko, Stanislav Govorukhin. We can see
some of her outstanding acting skills in Bless the Woman and Tinker the Tailor Soldier
spy. For her last film, she won the 2012 COFCA. She also worked in
various television series, and for them she won many public

Relationships and affairs. In 2005, she married a classmate at the theater school.
Vladimir Yaglych … But their marriage did not last long and in 2010 they broke up.
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