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reckon with. Venus Williams was born on June 17, 1980 to Richard Williams and
Oracen Price in Linwood, California. She has four brothers and sisters, all sisters. IN
The family moved to Compton when young Williams was only four years old.
This change of location allowed her and her younger sister Serena Williams to try
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Her superiority in the game is manifested in the fact that she is not only
many victories and titles, but later became the first African
The American took first place in the world. Seven Grand Slam titles,
four Olympic gold medals, thirteen women’s doubles and two mixed doubles
Old Venus Williams was gifted with an exceptional talent for playing.
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Starting early, Williams turned pro at the age of fourteen.
as they are history. Game after game, she honed her skills and prowess.
in the game to reveal the superiority in it. Venus Williams Pussy
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This is her agility in the net, her ability to explosive blows and
exceptional service that made Williams such an outstanding player that
she holds the record for fastest serve by a woman in the main draw
event. For her outstanding contributions to tennis, she was
included in the ’30 Legends of Women’s Tennis: Past, Present and Future’
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She also ranked on Forbes Top 100 Celebrity List.
Interestingly, Williams is not only a professional tennis player, but also an exceptional player.
entrepreneur too. She has 44 career titles in total, of
which means seven victories in Grand Slam tournaments and four Olympic gold medals. It
the only woman after Helen Wilis Moody to win a gold medal in both singles and
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