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Glamorous American actress-director, writer Madchen Amik was born in
Sparks, Nevada, December 12, 1970. Her parents Judy and Bill Amick were
partly German offspring … She also speaks English, Swedish, Irish, Norwegian.
descent. As a child, she studied guitar, bass, piano,
violin, she also plucked lessons in jazz, tap dance, ballet, modern dance. When she
At 16, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

After moving to Los Angeles, she began her career with cameo roles.
on Lifeguards Malibu, Star Trek: The Next Generation. She got her first break, David
Lynch TV series Twin Peaks, where she portrayed the character
waitress Shelley Johnson. She is more popular on television than in movies.

She is best known for her portrayal in the cult television series Twin Peaks.
She also starred in the TV series ‘The Ring’, ‘Long Life’, ‘Love, Second Chance, Fall.’
Dead Diva, Freddie, West Central Park, East End Witches, Riverdale and
much more … She also starred in many films such as Don’t Tell Her What It Is.
I, Trapped in Paradise, Sleepwalkers, Priest, Love, deception and theft,
Borrower, crime scene, bomb, French exit and some others.

Amik made a cameo in several episodes of the NBC TV series “Abduction”.
She is also remembered for her recurring role in the second season of Dawson.
Creek. She also had a repetitive role in season 2 of Gossip Girl, and she also appeared
in the second season of Showtime Californication.

Amick tied the knot with David Alexis on December 16, 1992. … They both have
two children, a son named Sylvester Time Amik-Alexis was born on July 5.
1992 year … and Mina’s daughter Tobias Amik-Alexis September 2, 1993

Like her mother, Mina is equally adept at singing, professionally she
musician, her first single with music, published in 2015 under the title Freedom and filmed
a music video pays homage to Twin Peaks.

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