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Natalie Kelly was born in Lima, Peru and is known for her
be one of the fast and furious girls. She is mostly Australian
actress famous in the world of Hollywood for her various roles
and contribution to the industry … She was in one of the best TV series
which may be listed as, Mermaid (2005), Lone Star (2010), Unreal (2015),
mistresses (2016) and many others.

She always wanted to be an actress from childhood and was
getting ready for the world of glamor from an early age. When it comes to
in films, she can be seen in some blockbusters such as Loaded (2008),
take me home tonight (2011), Urban Explorer (2011), with you (2014), together
with Furious Seven (2015) and many other such films that have made endless
saga on her career list. In her career, 2006 was the most
it is important how it was the year when she was chosen to post and
furious TV series. In 2010, she was also seen in music.
video of Bruno Mars in his hit song Just as you are … In 2011
she signed a major contract to participate in the series Body Proof, which gave her
a turning point in her career.

From 2016 to 2017, she continued to play the role of Sibylla.
in the famous CW series, The Vampire Diaries, in their final season.
She is also credited with many major pieces of music and blockbusters that
made her the famous star she is today. She is a world star
her work in the industry.

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