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No one can forget the character Carmen Cortez in Spy Kids.
This unforgettable character was portrayed by none other than Alex Vega, who
also known as Alexa PenaVega. She was an amazing actress all along
her career, and whenever she had the opportunity, she proved her talents
Peace … She is also known for her critically acclaimed performances.
stunned, and for her skills she also enjoyed a decent following.

Born on August 27, 1988. … She is currently 31 years old.
years old and she was born in the Miami area of ​​Florida in the USA.
America. She has been in business from an early age and since 1993.
we’ve seen it in action.

Back in 1996, she played in the TV series ‘Twister’, and also starred in
some popular TV shows like ER and Ghost Whisperer. TV series Spy Kids
consisting of three films, which are among the main hits of her career. She also
has starred in films such as Walkout, Sleepover and State’s Evidence. She is also known
her roles in the films The Devil’s Carnival and Ruby and Roquita.

As for personal relationships, she was married to Sean Covel, and after
the marriage broke up, in 2014 she married Carlos Pena Vega … She has two children.
from her own.

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