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Isabella Skorupko is one of the most beautiful women, as well as
actress to be present in the Hollywood world. She is Lech’s daughter,
who is a musician and also Magdalena Skorupko, who is her doctor
profession. She has successfully established herself as a Polish
Swedish actress with singer and model. She was born
4th of June 1970 … She was born in the city
Bialystok, which is located in the Polish People’s Republic.

She was raised in a separated family with her mother and could also
learn to speak different languages ​​such as French, Swedish, and
like English after moving to Stockholm. She started her career as
the model traveled to Europe in 1980 to collect gems for her career crown.
and there she became the cover girl of Vogue. In 1987 she received
first feature film directed by Staffan Hildebrand for a blockbuster
film Ingen Kan älskasom vi. In 1990, she made a successful career as
pop singer, and she also released her album IZA, which received a gold certificate
Sweden, 1991.

She married a hockey player in 1996 in Sweden and gave birth to a daughter named
Julia . But they divorced and married in 2003 to American Geoffrey Raymond.
She started her music career again in 2011 with Peter Jobak on his single Jag.
Har dig nu … In 2012 she hosted Sweden’s next top model and in 2013 again
became a hit in the comedy world, starring in a new Swedish romance.

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