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Born as Daniela Sofia Korn Ruach in 1983 on December 2,
Daniela Roy was born in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
Daniela Rua is a Portuguese-American actress known for her role.
as NCIS Special Agent Kenzie Bly on the NCIS Police Procedural Series:
Los Angeles, on the CBS network. Daniela Ruach was born into a Jewish family in
Portuguese parents. When Daniele Rua was five years old, she returned to
Portugal with family. After moving to Portugal, Daniela Rua signed up
at St. Julian’s school, at the age of sixteen Daniela Roy began to play
in many telenovelas. Daniela Rua participated in a dance competition,
which was broadcast on Portuguese television … When was Daniela Rua
At the age of eighteen, she moved to England and attended the London Underground.
University where she received her BA in Performing Arts. Daniela
Rua then returned to Portugal and continued her acting profession.

In 2007 Daniela Roy moved to New York City where she
studied at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute. Daniela Rua is
descendant of Sephardi Jews and Ashkenazi Jews. Daniela Roy’s parents,
of which her father was of Portuguese Moroccan descent, while her mother was
of Russian-Ukrainian origin who immigrated to Portugal. As a teenager
Daniela Rua began acting in several Portuguese soap operas. When she was
Daniela Roy, 16, started acting and her first performance was
for the soap opera Jardins Proibidos, also known as Forbidden Gardens, in
which she played as Sarah … When Daniele Rua was eighteen
aged, Daniela Roy moved to London, where she attended the London
Metropolitan University, where she majored in the performing arts. Message
which Daniela Rua moved to Portugal to start her professional career.
as an actress.

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