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Arian Andrew also known as Cameron, was born on November 3rd during
1987 in Northridge, Los Angeles, California, with the birthmark
Scorpio. Cameron is American and has a place with African Americans.
ethnicity. Cameron completed her studies at Granada Hills Charter High.
The school in which Cameron was one of the members of the school show club. From
At this point, Cameron completed his studies with a double Bachelor of Arts degree.
in Business Presentations and Science in Brain Research from California State
University. Shortly after graduation, Cameron moved to North Hollywood.
where Cameron began to substitute himself as an adviser on the behavior of mentally unstable
youth … Cameron is an American wrestler who is also
known under the pseudonym Cameron Lynn. Cameron joined Tough Enough this year
2011 is when Cameron started her wrestling career. Besides,
Cameron is also associated with singing, demonstrating, moving, etc.

In 2011, Cameron began her career fighting the name Cameron.
Cameron is interested in non-broadcast Diva Search with World Wrestling
Entertainment (WWE). From that moment on, he became a contender for
an expert on wrestling without a script on television, Tough Enough, however, was
destroyed in the first place. In July 2011, Andrei appeared as a presenter.
in the then WWE development field, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) of
where Cameron got her name as Cameron Lynn. Cameron at the time claimed
in the battle of Divas, they became famous along with Kayleigh Turner, Audrey Marie, Aksana,
Raquel Diaz, Maxine and others … Later, on January 9, 2012, Cameron did
her debut on the WWE roster on the Raw stage and ended up being an entertainer and valet.
In the same year, Cameron appeared at Wrestle Mania XXVIII, and in December
Cameron won her first teleconference with her custom FunkadactylNoami.

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