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Chanel West Coast was born on September 1, 1988 and is famous
singer, rapper, TV personality and model. Chanel West Coast became famous
for roles in the films Ridiculousness and Rob Dirdek’s Fantasy Factory. Chanel West
Kost was introduced to television by Rob Dirdek through his mutual friends and then
that Dirdek offered Chanel West Coast a place in reception. She had
was then renewed for a second season on MTV. Season 3 TV series
premiered in 2010, and Chanel West Coast then
featured in 12 episodes … Chanel West Coast appeared as
character, Sheila in one of the episodes of the MTV show called ‘Hard Times
R.J. Berger, and this became her acting debut. … Then Chanel’s West Coast
become one of the main actors of the show called Ridiculous, where is Chanel
West Coast with Dirdek and Sterling Steelo Brim, used for online reviews
Internet video. In 2012, Chanel West Coast appeared.
both in the 5th season of ‘Factory’, and in the 2nd season of ‘Funny’. Chanel West
Kost then continued to voice the character until 2013, when Chanel West Coast
appeared in the third season of Ridiculousness.

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