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Candice Cameron-Bure played the lead role of Donna Joe Tanner in 193.
episodes of a show titled ‘Full House from 1987 to the Year’,
1995, and it was for this role that Candice Cameron-Bure was nominated for
six Young Artist Awards. Candice Cameron-Bure has signed a reprise contract.
a role in the next Netflix series, Fuller House of the Year,
2016. Candice Cameron-Bure then played the role of Summer
Van Horn on a show called Do It Or Break It. Candice Cameron-Bure had
followed her brother Kirk Cameron and began acting a lot in
commercials … Candice Cameron-Bure played the role of Carrie in Punchline
and Cassandra in a bet. Candice Cameron-Bure played the role
character, Megan White Street. In the other place. Candice Cameron-Bure got married
Valery Bure in 1996. Candice Cameron-Bure has two sons, Leo and
also Maxim, as well as daughter Natasha.

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