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Evan Rachel Wood was born on September 7, 1987. She is famous.
for being an American actress, model and musician … She started
her acting career in the 1990s, in series such as
American Gothic (from 1995 to 1996), as well as in another series (from 1999 to 1996).
2002). Her entry into the world of cinema came in 1998 with the film
Digging to China. She also received a Golden Globe nomination.
film role, thirteen years old, 2003

She wants to leave her mark on most independent films such as
Pretty Persuasion (2005), Through the Universe (2007), along with
valley (2005), scissor run (2006) and many others. From year
2008 she was in the mainstream, acting in films such as
wrestler (2008), ideas for March (2011) along with everything that works (2009)
and many others. She has also been involved with several TV shows.
such as True Blood (2009 to 2011), Mildred Pierce (2011), and
HBO production of the western world … For her performance in the western world,
she was awarded the Critics’ Choice Award and a Golden Globe.

In 2003, she declared that she was Jewish and believed in God, but
she’s not that spiritual. She dated Jamie Bell in 2005 and also
matching tattoos with him. In 2017, she continued to practice
Zach Villa, but due to some problems, they canceled the engagement. in
2016, she opened a rape case that happened for a long time.
time ago, but she still suffers from the consequences.

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