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Kari Samantha Wührer, better known as Kari Wührer, was born on
April 28, 1967 She is an American actress as well
like a singer. Her acting career started when she was in her career.
teenage days … She made her debut in the TV series ‘Sliders’, where she played
the role of Maggie Bucket. She has also been seen on TV shows such as Remote
control as well as eight-legged freaks.

She was born in the Brookfield, Connecticut area of
Ancestor of the German-American family. She also starred in famous films such as
in both the Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990) and in beastmaster 2:
Through Time Portal (1991), Thinner (1996), Kiss the Fool (1998) Together
with many other blockbuster films. She was also part of a film like this
as an eight-legged freak in 2002, as well as in Berserk in
year 2001. She was one of the 100 Sexiest Women of the Year by FHM magazine.
2000. In 1999, she signed with Rick.
Rubin production, thanks to which she released her first music album called
how shiny.

She also posed for Playboy magazine while being semi-nude in their magazine issue.
year 2000. She has been on the covers of a magazine and also has
title as baby of the month … She also posed for
magazines such as Glamor and Vanity Fair. She also won
New York Film Festival Independent Film and Video Awards, category
Best Actress for a Movie Role, Do It For Uncle Manny’s
year 2001.

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