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Although Marki Post is not popular on television and in films.
world, she has appeared in numerous TV shows and noted her character
by her speech … She is best known for her role as Terry Michaels in
television series The Fall Guy.

She was born on November 4, 1950 in Palo Alto, California. Her father,
Richard F. Post was a scholar, and Marilee Post’s mother was a poet. She was
cheerleader at her high school.

Early in her career, Post worked on several games such as Split Second.
and also worked as a card dealer and associate manufacturer. She made her debut in
in 1979 in the television series CHIPs as Roberta. But
she got her lead role in the television series Simon and Simon in 1981 as
Caroline Perry. Since then, she has worked in various television series such as The
The Incredible Hulk, Code Red, Love Boat, Team A, Super Password, Dave
Friend, Scrubs, Chicago P.D. other. She appeared in the TV series 30 Rock
in the role of herself. Apart from TV shows, she also worked in
several films. Her debut film was Gangster Wars as Chris Brennan.
in 1981 … After that, she starred in several films, including ‘Dick Disconnection’, ‘Cool Camp’
Kids, Muffin Top: A Love Story. Four Christmases and a wedding and so on.
Post voiced June Darby for an animated television superhero robot
Transformers series: Prime.

She married Stephen Knox, but the marriage did not last long. After,
she married actor Michael A. Ross, with whom she has two daughters.

She did not receive as many awards but received the Cable ACE Award and
nominated for BTVA Award and TV Land Award.

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