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Rebecca Gayheart ran away from her in the realm of action.
academic years. She starred in a play at her school that chronicled
life of Lizzie Borden … Originally came Irish, Italian and
German . She started modeling at the age of fifteen and also
won the competition. She then moved to New York, where she graduated from high school.
Her career began with the most modeling career. Was married to Eric Dane
and she is a mother of two.

Her acting career also includes roles in Burger King commercials and
Campbell’s soup. In a very short period, she began to earn fame and name.
She was not limited only to the modeling business, but also proved to be effective.
versatility in acting. She has signed many contracts and
appeared in the TV series Earth 2. She made her debut in the film Nothing.
lose and appeared in the title role in Urban Legend. Her other films
Jawbreaker, a thriller titled Hour of Shadows and The Man from Harvard,
independent comedy.

In addition to a successful career in Hollywood, Gayheart was also sentenced to
brutally hit a teenager with his car … Many years later she
has returned to the industry since being held in custody.

She has guest roles in films such as Dead Like Me, Vanished and Nip / Tuck.
She was recently seen in a supporting role in Once Upon a Time.
Hollywood, released in 2019 by Quentin Tarantino.

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