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Although she is not well known in her acting, she received positive reviews.
reviews and notoriety for her performance on the television series Castle … She has
Angel Film Award for Best Newcomer at the Monaco International Film Festival
in the short film ‘Sacrifice’.

Molly was born on October 8, 1993 in Texas, USA. After performing at The
Nutcracker at the age of 6 began taking lessons from her ex
directed and produced by Martin Beck. Passed an audition at the Studio of Young Actors.
when she was in sixth grade and after six months of training she signed
contract with agency Osbrink.

In 2007, she made her film industry debut with Hard to Get Through: The Dewey Cox Story.
She played the voice acting role in the Nickelodeon Winx Club animated series.
princess bloom. She was part of the series from the third through the season.
six. She also voiced a character in films based on the series. … Little
of her films in which she has starred include My One and Only, First Time,
Superman: Unchained, Welcome to Happiness, Recently Single, and others.

She rose to fame after playing Alexis Castle in the drama series Castle.
from 2009 to 2016. Television shows she has appeared on, such as Avalon
High, Winx Club, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, The In-Between and others.

Besides Angel Film Angel, she has won the Mary Austin Award and the IIFC Award, and
received a nomination for the BTVA Television Voice Acting Award.

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