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Chi-Chi, aka Chichi, is the Princess of Fire Mountain and a little girl
Bull King. Chi-Chi later marries Goku and becomes Gohan’s caring mother.
and Goten … Chi-Chi was first introduced as a timid and frightening young girl,
however later, when she becomes more tempered, she will become a tomboy,
a wild identity that sometimes makes her experience violent shocks,
several times throughout the series. Despite this, Chi-Chi has
showed her adoration for Goku and their children throughout
TV series. In his youth, Chi-Chi was extremely humble and often
considering who she would marry. Despite the fact that she is a little Bull girl-
King who had a bad reputation for being frightening, Chi-Chi seemed
opposite to him, since she seemed to have a pure heart, having
the ability to ride the Flying Nimbus. During Chi-Chi battles,
frightened and overwhelms her opponent by crying. Chi-Chi’s personality has changed
when she turned into an adult, especially after Goku’s wedding and
Gohan baby is born … Chi-Chi is regularly portrayed as sometimes
harassing, overprotective, controlling, intense and at the most basic level
a good-natured lady like a tyrannical shounen mother was opposed
Bulma’s personality, cheerful and flexible.

Despite the fact that her abilities could not match that of great
part of the Dragon team, Chi-Chi is still one of the most down-to-earth women
on the planet and a great battle outside the normal
man over and over. Chi-Chi also turned out to be rational
uncomfortable at times, like when she hits Krillin in the head
at the entrance, let’s say it’s Gohan. Despite the fact that Chi-Chi regularly
watched yelling at Goku for battles or at Gohan for his school work, this
It cannot be argued that she certainly cherishes Goku and her family. … This
appears towards the end of the Buu saga when Chi-Chi is transmitted
tears and hugs Goku right over the prospect of finally getting
the opportunity to live in a group of four with Goku, Gohan and Goten. Similar
Chi-Chi seems to be the most annoying for Goku when he accumulates a heart virus.
in Androids Saga and Imperfect Cell Saga, thinking about him and crying
his bed. When Chi-Chi discovers that Goku has improved overall, she
jumps out of Kame’s house, rushes to Goku and hugs him tightly to
to which Goku reacts by rocking her. Chi-Chi is crying for the most part
when she discovers that Goku is injured or dead, or when he is safe at home, clearly
showing your adoration to your better half … Despite the fact that
Chi-Chi is persistent with Goku, which can easily be compared to Gohan’s exams.
to everything on the planet, along with what remains of the characters
around them, is stunned when Goku actually agrees with her.

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