50 Hottest Female Cosplayers Of All Time – 2020

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‘play’. Although the act of costume play itself is much older,
‘Cosplay’ got its name in late 1984 when Japanese reporter Nobuyuki Takahashi
used it after attending the Los Angeles World Con.

Computer culture is a magnet for many people who love anime and video games.
and science fiction. This enthusiasm has prompted many cosplayers to find
the beauty of this art form, allowing the cosplayer to live his beloved

Since cosplay includes disguise and costumes, most of the best in the world
cosplayers are passionate about the art of designing and making costumes. They also try
maintain the correct physique to match the characters they portray. IN
huge dedication earned admiration for the art of cosplay
different parts of society … Although this cultural phenomenon was exclusively
first centered around Japan, now there are cosplayers and
conventions are held all over the world.

Many cosplayers find cosplay a liberating experience. Way
cosplay allows them to live a life different from their usual
the most exciting for them. For some, cosplay is a hobby, but for many
it’s a job or maybe a way of life. Absolute truth for all of them
they enjoy creativity and performance.

Cosplayers need a deeper understanding of the characters in order to
them to life through themselves, which lifts the cosplay out of shape
‘Entertainment’ to ‘art’.

Filipino cosplayer is well known to the anime community for her.
achievements since she represented the Philippines at the Asia Anime Festival
Regional cosplay championship. The model took first place at the Philippine FHM.
Survey of the 100 sexiest women in 2009. She started cosplay at age
15 through a popular fan forum on the Internet, namely the Animé Club … She is the first
cosplay the Priestess character from Ragnarok Online at Ragna Launch. it
caught the attention of cosplayers thanks to the cosplay of Gun Mage Rikku
from Final Fantasy. Alodia cosplayed over 40 different characters from
movies, games like Witchblade, K-On !, Paradise Kiss, etc. She also appeared
as a participant and judge of a number of international cosplay events.

Kalssara is well known to anime lovers for its collection of beautiful costumes.
and a gorgeous and sexy figure that suits most of the female anime characters. It
Costume designer from Germany but fell in love with cosplay and was
I have been doing this for over 14 years. She sews the cosplay costume herself and
demonstrates them. She is very interested in cosplay culture and has been to
more than 40 countries as participants, participants or representatives … IN
professional librarian cosplayed characters like Mitsuri Kanroji from
Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba, Yuzuriha from Doctor Stone, Atago IV from
video games Azur Lane, Asuna Undine II from Sword Art Online, Raphtalia III
from The Rise of the Shield Hero, Cattleya Baudelaire from Violet Evergreen

Crystal Graziano is an American cosplayer known for her sexuality.
figure with enviable body proportions. Her certain facial features allowed
cosplay her some of the strong and powerful female characters such as Mara
Jade. She has been a cosplayer for over 16 years. IN
The actress became famous thanks to the show That Cosplay Show (2012), Project Cosplay (2012).
and Metal Gear Solid: Legacy (2015). She is very popular with fans.
and has over 1 million likes on his social media profile. Anime lovers
Appreciate her adorable figure, which captures both cocky women and
well, powerful women are there … Her cosplay characters include the Sniper.
Wolf, EDI, Asuka, Power Girl, Poison Ivy, etc.

Linde Le is a popular American cosplayer and model, also known as Vamp.
or Vampi. She was interested in modeling, makeup and dressing up for
long and became interested in cosplay when she was only 12 years old. She was dressing
as gorgeous female characters from classic anime and video games. Her
popularity began to grow after it was introduced in the Otacool demo book.
2 of the Japanese company Kotobukiya. She collaborated with a number
artists and companies from Japan and America. She’s in love with the character
Psylocke is from the X-Men, and she cosplays every version of him. According to
Amped Asia, she is the most popular and attractive Asian girl for her.
computer style and sexuality.

Reika is one of the most mysterious cosplayers and this mystery
about appearance and personal life Reiki greatly influenced
to her popularity … Reika, a cosplayer from Osaka, Japan, started cosplaying
when she was about 18 years old. Although she is one of the international
recognized cosplayers, prefers to separate privacy and veils.
almost all personal information about her, including her age. She is very
loves video games, anime, manga, etc. She is greatly praised for her
craft skills as all the costumes she wears are entirely hand-sewn by her.
She is one of those female cosplayers who play male characters. Although she
She cosplayed a huge number of male characters, her favorite is Ren.
Jinuji, saxophonist from Uta no Princess Sama.

Marida is an American cosplayer who has gained fame from his international fans.
for her serious cosplay skills. She is a fan of video games, anime and so on.
she prefers to say that she does cosplay just for fun. Since she loves a lot
different genres like comic, science fiction, fantasy, she chooses characters from
anime of different genres … She started cosplaying since 2001 and since then
developed a love of tailoring. She uses her costume making skills.
to create exceptional items for your cosplay, which are often praised by fans.
Among the characters she cosplayed are Skathach Skadi, Wild Zelda, Sailor.
Luna, Saber, etc.

The Chinese-American cosplayer, model, and costume designer is often praised.
for her excellence in costume and character creation. She was
featured in Syfy’s Heroes of Cosplay, and has joined several times
jury as a guest of the TBS reality show King of the Nerds Multiple
Time. She is deeply interested in experimenting with costumes and
developing them to give the characterization a deeper meaning. She has
cosplayed as Gamora, Zhen Ji, Camilla, Evil Queen from Snow White, Scarlet
Witch, Eliza, Disney Mulan, Medusa, etc. Yaya has a blog where she shares
reason for character selection and detailed artwork
costumes … Many anime lovers believe that to get
the cosplayer’s deeper thoughts about the character she is playing.

Whenever an anime lover thinks about Elsa’s character, he definitely understands
Check out the wonderful Queen Elsa cosplay made by Anna Faith Carlson. 25
-year-old Instagram model and cosplayer from Florida. Although she has
from the second grade she worked as a model, her first debut in cosplay
was Queen Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen when she teamed up with her sister.
plays princess Anna. Although Instagram identifies her as Elsa’s doppelganger
but she cosplayed Rey from Star Wars, Harley Quinn from Batman. She has
glory to one of the 7 sexiest cosplayers of 2015. She is one of
most of the cosplayer social media followers with over 1 million followers.

Jessica Nigri is an American cosplayer, model, and voice actor who is doing well.
known for her voice for Cinder Fall in RWBY … She is also an anime enthusiast.
who started cosplaying in 2009. One of her most memorable cosplays is
The sexy Pikachu she chose for the international comic strip San Diago and her
the costume went viral. She also promoted Gears of War 3 as Anya.
Rude character. She portrayed a number of video game characters for
promotion. She is a cosplay character of Vivienne Squall from the video game.
The assassin is dead, Connor Kenway from Assassin’s Creed III. Nigri active
part of a popular cosplay group and some of the game cosplay teams. She received
international recognition for violating strict gender binaries by creating
a female version of some male characters.

Marie is a Canadian cosplayer and model who started her career in costume.
designer. She has been involved in advertising campaigns for some of the leading brands. … IN
the model has always been part of the cosplay community, as she believed it
intriguingly from the beginning of her dresser career in 2009.
In 2011, she participated in the Calendar cosplay to raise funds for the Japanese.
Tsunami. The model has been invited as a guest to several American conventions.
including the Ottawa Comiccon in 2012. She is represented by a pop miniature and
Paolo Parnete as a character in their game. She played the Hornet
a character in the web series Heroes of the North who has a figurine.
it looks like a replica of it.

Tasha is a South Korean cosplayer who has been cosplaying since 1999.
currently the leader of the female cosplay group Spiral Cats.
formed in 2009. Tasha got to know Japanese culture through manga and
anime. Later, when she attended a cosplay event, she became interested in him.
Initially, it was her hobby, which later turned into a profession. … IN
the world famous cosplayer is famous for his armor and costumes.
She creates her own costumes, which showcases her skill. it
has over 40,000 Instagram followers. Oh Go-Eun, aka Tasha, recently
cosplayed a Blizzard character from the famous online game Overwatch.
Previously, she portrayed characters such as Acilia, Hotaru from the video game.
Cyphers, Jeanne, Katarina, etc.

Peony Kim, a Korean cosplayer, is well known for her quality photo shoot.
this includes quality workmanship and first-class costumes. She started to cosplay
in 2012 and now I work as a freelancer. Peony Kim
studied acting and therefore tries to use her acting skills in all
photo session she does. She edits the photos herself to make sure
she herself is happy with the end result. For these reasons, photos
her cosplay is often praised by fans … Korean cosplayer successfully
worked on characters like Poison Ivy and Eliza, who need a lot of attention
for their bloody appearance. She cosplayed various anime characters,
webtoon and video games such as Veronica, Harley Quinn, Vera Nair, etc., and she
considers Sombra from Overwatch to be his favorite character.

Ricky LeCotey, aka Riddle, is a Canadian model and costume designer. It
considered one of the best cosplayers in North America. She was in charge
actors of the reality show Syfy Channel Heroes of Cosplay, and
PBS documentary ‘Cosplay: Making a Secret Identity’ (2012). She started
cosplay as she was interested in cool clothes that cosplayers wear. it
portrayed characters such as Hell Girl, Snow White, Black Cat, Huntress, etc.
Canadian model has attended many fan conventions, comics like
participant and expert. She is well known all over the world.
memorable performance … She started a charity group called Cosplay for a Cause.
who contributed over 30 thousand US dollars to the Japanese Red Cross after
Tsunami of 2011.

The American cosplayer is often considered one of the most beautiful and
the sexiest cosplayers on earth. She regularly participates in fan meetings and
one of the most popular cosplayers on Instagram. She showed her huge
love for anime, video games and comics through social media posts. IN
The American cosplayer believes that the first fan convention she attended took place.
changed her life forever as he got her interested in cosplay. She has
cosplayed characters such as Freya, Viper, Reaper, etc. She attracted attention
of the international cosplay community when she portrayed the game Overwatch
character along with Eclair Marie … She was also included in the list of the most
famous people born on November 23, 1998.

Monica Lee is one of the most famous American cosplayers and the youngest of
the original nine-member cast of Heroes of Cosplay. She was in
cosplay since 2006 and mostly portrays video game characters. She often
together with Jessica Nigri of XX Girls Group creates masterpieces.
Monica has been featured in several gaming media including Game Informer.
Gamesradar. She has been invited as a guest to many fan conferences. IN
The 28-year-old cosplayer is heavily into the art of design and
industrial design student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. IN
The institute claims on its official website that it has a fan base on the Internet twice.
the size of the student body.

Stella Chuu is one of the Californian cosplayers who is pretty much
interested in promoting the culture of computer geeks … Self-taught cosplayer started
performed in 2011 when she was in high school. She is very
fascinated by cultural uniqueness and therefore tries her best to promote it.
She is in high demand on social media, has over 400,000 fans and
she shares her knowledge of her art. She is popular with fans for her
costumes and great expressions. Her mesmerizing performance as a cosplayer
attracted the attention of several magazines, including Cosplay Culture.
Magazine Cover, Kotaku, CNBC, Nerdist, Tech Insider, Geek & More, Mashable
etc. She is well known for cosplaying characters such as Farrah, Mercy, Riven.

Katyuska Moonfox, an Australian cosplayer, is known for her sexy cosplay.
Since school, she has been a fan of video games and anime. She started
cosplay when she was 13 years old. She shares that she felt uncomfortable with her weight.
and this prompted her to lose weight and take up cosplay. … Now she
professional cosplayer with over 700 patreons and over 900 thousand subscribers on
her social media accounts. Fans often praise her photos for their
aesthetic quality that is enhanced by flawless editing. Cosplayer
well known for her sexy cosplays as she loves to flaunt her beautifully designed
figure and magnificent body lines. She cosplayed characters like Yono.
Littner, Marie Kurihara, A2 (NieR Automata), Black Widow, Tifa Lockhart, etc.

Jikan is one of the cosplayers who adopted the art of cosplay.
another level. Her performances and photos show the quality she strives for.
She is very passionate about art and uses well tailored costumes.
high quality editing for the delivery of her products. Detailing her photos
including the atmosphere is excellent. Most often, she chooses a sensual character to
portray and often captivate fans with their beauty and quality … Siberian
beauty is a professional photographer and works with many famous models
and cosplayers. Sometimes she participates as a model in her own projects. it
says she loves cosplaying sensual characters. She is known for her Lina
cosplay character.

Versatility is the word that defines the work of Ginny McQueen, also known as Ji-chan.
She is a cosplayer and costume designer from the USA. Ginny
is very interested in writing, which is why she regularly blogs about
different things including her daily life. She started cosplay in 1998.
The first convention was 1998 Otacon where she dressed as one of the characters
from Gunsmith Cats. It was later featured on many sites and
magazine articles; and attended many conventions as a guest. Since she
sews most of her cosplay costumes, pays special attention to
details. Thus, she can form her own impression of the character.
in character and costume design … She is among the ten most
popular cosplayers in 2014. She attracted a lot of attention thanks to the cosplay of Ayanami Rei.
from Neon Genesis.

Vereesa is known among fans for creating mind-blowing art
images of her cosplay. Russian cosplayer has been cosplaying since 2008.
and was part of Nova Cosplay with QQ. Cosplay is her hobby and she often
shows interest in various video games. According to Verisa, the most
the intriguing part of cosplay is the ability to create a costume and jumpsuit.
character design for her favorite characters … The beauty of Verisa looks
lies in their shooting angle and editing, which has the perfect color balance.
The cosplayer is well known for cosplaying characters like Emily Caldwell from
Dishonored, Elizabeth from Bioshock, Dana Scully from The X-Files, Ciri from
The Witcher 3, Jaina Proudmoore from Hearthstone.

Lena looks amazing when she dresses up as different characters at multiple events.
The biggest asset that works for her as a cosplayer is her radiant and
expressive face. Will she be a Disney princess, a sexy Christmas bunny
monster or queen – Russian energy on her face helps her shine and
through. Her figure is so seductive that any dress she wears matches her.
the physique is perfect. Even as a popular figure in the cosplay community
Lena has no social media accounts.

Curvy beauty Lisa Rosenberg has shown time and time again that she is not
afraid to expose all this, which is confirmed in different cases … Almost all of her photos
her juicy breasts literally stick out. She with her angles
and posing can cause drooling in everyone, men and women. It
literally like a chameleon, able to transform into any character with a fat
there is an aura of confidence around her.
well and confidence.

Kamui, a German cosplayer, started to get involved in this area since
as 2003. She is also an avid game and spectator enthusiast. After
life-changing attendance at the convention where she saw many people in suits, she
also decided to try my hand at this. Her famous outfits and costumes include:
these are Alexstrasza, Dani Moonstar, Fallout, Norn and Wonder Woman. Cause
why she got the name Kamui because it was the first character she
cosplay after creating her in World of Warcraft.

Jannette is truly one of a kind as she can
even look like a doll … She really can be the best of both worlds
she can be casual with almost no makeup on the most sophisticated outfits,
look amazing in both. She is also quite popular, followed by
almost 474,000 followers on Instagram. She is known for imitating both
Superheroes, villains, and playable characters. Her Joker makeup drew
many eyes.

The reason this beautiful cosplayer called herself Kurtun in her own words is because
Because she is the world of cartoons, draws cartoons and loves to dress up in them.
The meticulousness she shows in creating her designs is proof enough that
the deep adoration she has for these beloved characters. The cartoon has
beautiful frame that matches perfectly with her amazing costumes.
dresses and behaves very dreamily … One of her most
popular images of Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon.

If there is anyone who has fiercely promoted cosplay in Australia, he
was Vera Chimera. She has taken part in various cosplay endeavors.
more profitable for people. She is very open to her audience regarding her views.
and opinions, without even shirking controversial topics. Her presence
in society so revered that she was chosen for the role of Lilith.
The siren in the award-winning Borderlands 2 game. This blonde bombshell
brings many new things, the main of which is her unique humor.

Soji has a hint of chic quality that really no one in the business.
there is. She has unique and edgy facial features that literally make her stand out.
wherever she is. She constantly tries to get attention.
captivating eyebrows. She recently captivated Harry Potter fans all over the world.
world, cosplay as part of the fan-favorite couple Gellert Grindelwald
and Albus Dumbledore … She currently lives in Russia and has been in this
business over the past 8 years.

Adrianna, OG America’s next top model a few years ago, may have been
biggest cosplay name. She was so good at it that she was
once exiled from the convention due to its extreme resemblance to Eon
Flux, wearing only vinyl underwear, made a lot of noise. IN
in another instance, she acted like a real Catwoman in her costume when she
physically took revenge on a man trying to grope her friend. She has
retired from cosplay in 2016.

Ae Ri is a cosplayer currently based in the Philippines and
around the circuit over the past 10 years. Although I described myself as shy
the individuality of her personality comes to the fore literally as she
cosplay … Her exotic features are perfectly matched with unique costumes that
she herself creates with her own hands what she is proud of.
Some of the characters E Rie has cosplayed to date are Sarah Pezzini.
Barbarian and Ratalos set.

Lindze Merritt is a brave person and tries to reflect this in her
costumes. Extremely upbeat, the first thing that is noticed in Merritt.
her curvy and curvaceous figure. She is incredibly proud of what she does and
so flaunts all the possibilities she can with her stunning pose.
a well-sculpted ass and physique in any suit is enough for men and
women go crazy with her. She looks like different superheroes
earned her high marks.

Just like her name Germia also has a unique clause regarding her cosplay.
She almost always likes to portray strong female characters and in fact
built a considerable niche in it … She uses bold makeup and her expressive features to
bring out this force to the fore. One look at her Instagram and you will
full of experiments she adds to each
the character she delves into. Judging by her outfits, she is extremely
interested in mythical characters.

Luna is lucky because she has the desired sleek frame combination.
and a curvy physique. And she is not afraid to expose it all. One look at her
Instagram, and it will reveal to you the magnetism with which she carries
itself. She just attracts all the eyes. In addition to participating in
Cosplay and creating beautiful characters, she is also a streamer.
She has 177 thousand followers on the Instagram social network.

It would be wrong to say that Katie George has been playing this game for a long time.
time, or rather 2004. While a professional software consultant
she managed to somehow create loyal followers for herself in this
chain … Received a prestigious seat at the 2012 World Cosplay Summit.
In her outfits, she tries to wave a fancy flag as much as possible. Her
The outfit and makeup in all of her outfits are bright and adorable.

Meghan is a popular cosplayer known for her radiant face and energetic personality.
She is highly educated, has a master’s degree in biology, but in her heart
in this creative endeavor. Her Instagram is filled with her photos
stunning work imitating popular anime characters as well as superheroes. Her
the frame and pretty face also helps her a lot as she uses all her features
brilliantly create her art, which she also declares in her own words
shoots himself.

Hot water bottle is a pearl from Ukraine, which is now struggling to get hold of
Ukraine is at the peak of the cosplay card. In her photographs, she tries her best
to show the beauty of your beautiful and exotic country by taking photos in
in the midst of its awesome settings … Her image has a unique combination
different genres. She has a huge following and used it all to create
a business for himself, where he creates cosplay images for others.

Amethyst wants to change this world and finds it extremely boring – fashion
wise. In her opinion, anime should always be in trend. For her anime
fashion has a pop-up aspect that cannot be related to boring regular fashion
j. She loves to play with colors when it comes to her makeup as well as her makeup.
gorgeous hair. She tries to leave her mark in every picture, artsy
poses and lighting. She currently resides in America and boasts
22.4k on Instagram.

Although she recently started cosplay, her name is worth knowing because she
Her arsenal has all the tools to be successful in this cosplay.
industry. She has an extremely attractive figure, capable of carrying away any
beautiful costumes that she sews with an aura of grace … Exotic Yuu
her facial features also do her a lot of favors. Every look she takes
close attention to every detail shows her love
for these characters.

The first thing that comes out of your mouth when you first see Yin
how sweet and sweet she is. She is extremely popular and her likeness
received her prestigious concerts, for example, as a brand ambassador for the Republic
Gamers, Malaysia and Facebook Game Partners. But her real talent is shining
as a cosplayer, where due to her charming personality she does not have
the problem of getting into the skin of other characters. She has a huge following
270k on Instagram.

Faye makes it clear through her Instagram that she is interested
androgynous fashion. And she also tries to reflect this in her cosplay work.
Her appearance and facial features are extremely sharp, elegant, and
beautiful . Its effects are so mesmerizing and magical that it almost seems
as if it’s from a real and original show … She attends many comic minuses on
daily. One look at her Instagram and her slender frame will make many men
drool over her. She has 153 thousand followers on Instagram.

Anna Moleva or as she likes to call herself Steel cosplay lady, of course.
very good at her craft. She earned a lot of praise during
her time as a cosplayer. Some of these praises include being an ambassador
MK11, Blizzcon winner and Cyberpunk 2077 finalist. She
someone who works out of their own pocket without any patreons, in many cases
her contemporaries took it. Her imitation of Elsa is currently in stunning
red outfit steals internet hearts.

Nicole is an artist, model and cosplayer from Las Vegas. Nicole
in a nutshell, she is extremely confident in her figure and is not afraid to show
switched off . She can wear any suit, no matter how meager it may be. She has a busty
body and flaunts it flawlessly … One look at her, and men are bound to weaken.
their knees revel in her beauty. In many of her costumes, she wears
bikinis that barely hold her assets or get rid of bottom wear. It
definitely the sexiest of them all.

Aza is a cosplayer working on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and
Twitch. She lives in South Korea and mainly works from there. Her
the suit emphasizes her flawless body and beautiful face, judging by
the number of close-ups she publishes. She’s not at all afraid to show her juicy pieces
and elevates every idea she mimics in cosplay. She regularly
cosplay famous anime characters and idols. She has 82.9 thousand subscribers on

Daniel is a cosplayer based in Brazil. She is mostly known for her busty
body and curves along with her sharp face. She has amazing makeup talents.
what she shows in her works in every character she portrays … Her cosplay
photos of Catwoman, Sexy Bunny and Wonder Woman are sure to steal your
Exhale. And to everyone’s happiness, she only has fans. She has
36k subscribers for her cosplayer and 45k for her main account.

Tomiya is a cosplayer from South Korea. She is adored all over the world
fans because of her cute demeanor and great communication with fans. Her
real name is Kim Jung Hoon and she was a former Spiral Cats member
female cosplay group. She joined them in 2010. She nails almost everything
characters she takes, but her Disney characters definitely take cake
as her cosplays of Belle, Anna and Elsa are simply breathtaking to say

Zyanka Mukhina, like her name, is one of a kind and unique. She stays in
Russia and its character have a lot of ferocity. She also controls her
own Patreon group. In all the photos, she demonstrates a curvy figure and juicy
assets flawless … She stood out in her Black Cat cosplay
because of her sensual appeal. She makes men lose sleep and just
fantasize about her. She had an Instagram account, but she is deactivated now
is now active on Facebook, where she has 19,856 likes.

Sarah Moni is a famous cosplayer and model. If there is something
we can definitely say about her, because it is that she is a big fan of the X-Men.
Most of her photographs pay homage to these legendary mutants in one way or another.
Other. Her insane adoration of this fandom is clearly visible in the way she
puts thoughts and attention into it with every ascent. She transforms
completely immerse yourself in their character, in her words, her
costumes and finally her posing, she nails everyone to zero.

Ardella, in her own words, is a cosplayer with obsessive tendencies.
Her compulsive tendencies are definitely helpful when it comes to her.
cosplays as they are beyond perfection … She is also a twitch streamer. Her black
Canary cosplay was fun and addicting to say the least. She recently
sold many of her cosplays, including Glinda and Jessica Rabbit, due to
for its impeccable design, a rather high award went to. She boasts the following
of 12.2 thousand followers on Instagram.

Shattered Stitch considers himself a nerd, gamer, and cosplayer. Her sassy
says about herself that she is a priestess of the shadow of trolls with
Relationship problem. Whatever character she takes, she accepts everything
passion and dedication and tries to achieve the best possible result. Her
Recent Instagram photos are intrusive and beautiful at the same time. It
do not be shy and bare everything if the situation requires it and
warns about this on his social networks.

Shimotsuki is an amazing cosplayer currently based in South Korea. She has
cute and bubbly face and adds a little sexiness to it with her hot
body … And so she publishes mostly revealing costumes with lingerie.
clothes in them, as she can perfectly wear them. Her last works made her
in tight leather black clothes, in red and white underwear, both look
stunning and gorgeous, and will surely make many hearts skip a beat. She also
has a patreon group.

Angela Bermudez is a gorgeous Los Angeles cosplayer who was originally
from Costa Rica. She has a unique imagination, is an avid artist and
brings this quality and flair to her cosplay. She thinks a lot
into the subject and mood of her shot, she tries to make him think
and also heavenly. She has a toned and curvy figure, which she uses as
canvas for cosplay and creating beautiful art on it. On her main account 38.8 thousand.