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She is an American musician, composer, actress, and dancer. Known
a figure in popular culture, she is remembered for her sound-creative, social
lucid and sexually provocative recordings and sophisticated stage shows. She was
was born as Janet Damita Joe Jackson. She is commonly known as Janet Jackson. it
Born May 16, 1966 in Gary, Indiana, the son of Catherine Jackson and Joe.
Jackson. She has 9 brothers and sisters. She lived at home with her sisters while her
brothers and father lived an extravagant life in Los Angeles. Janet also did
some unforgettable impressions from the popular TV show “Different Strokes”. Janet
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She recorded her first solo album titled Janet Jackson. The album did a bad job
music charts. Two years later, she recorded Dream Street, which turned out to be
be another disaster … A year later, she approved Jimmy Jam and Terry.
Lewis recorded a third album, this time called Control, and it was a hit,
sold 5 million copies in the US alone. She was supposed to do it
happened again. She then recorded Rhythm Nation 1814. This time it sold 9
million copies in the US – more success than Control. Janet Jackson nude
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She married boyfriend James Debarge, but they divorced a few months later.
that she later fell in love with a dancer named Rene Elizondo Jr.
privately married him in March 1991. Janet started work on her fifth album.
just called Janet. It was her biggest hit, selling over 10 million
copies only in the USA and consists of her largest single to date It
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Amid the rejection of The Velvet Rope, she parted ways with Rene Elisendo, and it was then
it was revealed that they were secretly married to Elizondo. She was praised
MTV as MTV Icon. In 2019, she was accepted into rock and roll.
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