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female WWE finalists, after that she underwent training coached by OVW,
power of development. This was the beginning of her wrestling career. Her
debut after lengthy training was at Smackdown in 2008.
her singles debut when she met McCool, and a few months later she
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In 2009 she joined the RAW brand, her first match was with Alicia Fox in
Royal battle. In 2011, she was promoted to Raw GM and finally won
Div Championship defeats Leila. She has encountered Phoenix more than once
and everyone lost at the same time. Later, in 2012, she was appointed
Executive Administrator of Raw and Smackdown, in the Night of Champions her
assistant and companion were attacked by Phoenix, in the end she paused her for
attacking Caitlin … Eva defeated Caitlin and Leila in the Championship.
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But Caitlin also won several matches and later defeated Eve. Eve
retired from professional wrestling in 2013 after winning WWE Divas
In 2010 she became the champion three times. After retirement she worked
instructor, this was for the Grace Women Empowered program in California. Eve
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Thus, she was not only a popular wrestler but also a famous sportswoman.
actress … From childhood she was fond of music and dancing, she
played in the Southern California Summer Professional League, being a good
a trained dancer, she was a member of the Los Angeles Clippers, Spirit Dance Team
sponsored by the National Basketball Association. Be an actress
she starred in the series. Eva was born on August 21, 1984 in the United States.
previously worked as a model, her modeling led her to work in commercial advertising and
rollers. Eva Torres’ nipples are funny, big and delicious.
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