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Confident, stubborn, but mature, she undoubtedly possessed
experience outside of her team and was the formal leader of the unit. She is piloting
Happy trigger.

Little is known for sure about Forte’s life before the events of the series.
but it is assumed that she was in military service long before she was chosen
as a member of the Angel Wing. Naked pictures of Forte Stollen very difficult
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As evidenced by her wealth of knowledge in combat and warfare, it could be
She is assumed to have extensive combat experience as an ordinary soldier. About
when the Angel Wing was created, Forte equipped other
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Forte wears a modified Angel Wing uniform consisting of a single cape.
like a jacket that reaches her feet … Forte Stollen Pussy’s pictures may not even
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Below she wears a sleeveless purple dress with gold and black symbols.
in her midsection, while her breasts remain naked and funded by a strap that
connects to the top of the dress, reaching down to the neck. Forte
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Her usual outfit also includes black high-heeled shoes. In uniform,
Forte can always be seen in a yellow cap, crop top and branded monocle.
Forte’s red hair is not particularly long, but she keeps her left side away.
hair longer than her right … Forte Stollen nipples are firm, large and
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Remaining in military service in the events of the traffic police, Forte retains most of his
uniform, but now wears a slightly modified dress with a white top
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