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through her photographic work. She was unaware of her beauty while she was
offered a photo session for the day, which will be a seductive click; It was
at the suggestion of the Makeup Artist. She had no money at all, and the only way
getting rid of the debt consisted in signing a contract for her seductive photo shoot as
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She is a bohemian girl from Prague, this place is famous for its beautiful
women and Zemanova – one of the ladies from Prague. Finally, she completed
photo session at S&M castle in Cerne, Moravia. But the shooting was done
in three days she was finally paid for attractive and seductive looks
It helped her to clear her debts. … Naked Veronica Zemanova.
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She started working as a photographer when she was only 18 years old, but
Deep in debt, she decided to work as an erotic model. Veronica
Zemanova, a Czech woman who really knew a lot in order to speak or understand English, had to
survive in Los Angeles, after the first few assignments, the volume of her work and
contracts began to grow. She believes that earning is the first
the satisfaction she was looking for and which had to fulfill her demand.
Her day job costs $ 500 or more, but not a dime less.
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She never wanted to be a porn star, but earnings comforted her
about an easy way to more money. Although as a photographer she also earned
less it is incomparable with her current earnings. You can find it like
the women most often searched on Google, she was born on April 14, 1975 in Ceska.
Budejovice, Czech Republic and married Francis Oswald Urs Schnetzler, a German.
The businessman in 2003 finally took a break from erotic photo shoots.
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