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started acting business on the Australian show Neighbors as Felicity.
Scully. She launched her first range of Footprints which brought her
3 singles: Kiss, Down Boy and Naughty Girl.

By then, she had moved to Los Angeles. Her second and final assortment, State
of Mind, appeared in November 2003. DOA: Dead or joins her movie pursuits
Alive, Promise It !, Taken and KambakkhtIshq.

Valance has lived next door to her mother in the United Kingdom since
2009 and turned into fun on the BBC. One move Strictly
Come Dancing in 2011. In 2013, she was a mentor and judge of the structure.
discord, Shopaholic Showdown.

Holly Valance was born on May 11, 1983 as Holly Rachel Vukadinovich in Fitzroy.
Victoria to Serbian father Raiko Vukadinovic and British mother Rachel,
English and Spanish descent … Her father was a former artist and model
in his area of ​​Belgrade. Her mother, whose father was related to Benny
Hill was a model in her area, UK.

In 1999, at the age of 16, Valance was cast into a dramatization of Australian television.
Neighbors like Felicity Flick Scully. Not long after receiving
activities, she left the Catholic school, where the youth
have to wear makeup or adjust their knee.

She appeared in the video for Human Nature on He Don’t Love You in
raw shower scene. Valance left Neighbors in 2002 to pursue music studies.
calls. In 2004, Valance returned to acting, this time in the United States.
appearing in scenes of the television plan for CSI: Miami and Entourage. In 2005 she
appeared in the CSI: NY scene.

In 2005, Valance returned to music, but immediately when she appeared on
Assortment Har Mar Superstar The Handler Sings On Tracks, DUI, Back
Camel Up and Body Request … She appeared in the 2006 Prison Break as Nick.
Volek, an occupation that she continued to portray in a subsequent show.

Also in 2006, Valance appeared in the National Lampoon spoof Pledge This!.
next to American socialite Paris Hilton. In 2013 Valence was mentor and
judge of the Shopaholic Showdown contention structure. In 2015 she entered
Film movement Red Herring as Angela.