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Aycha Aisin Turan (born in Sinop) is a Turkish artist. She continued
training at the Faculty of Radio, Film and Television in Istanbul
University. She studied at the Sinop City Conservatory. … Her mom is from
the city of Sinop.

Her maternal family is from Turkey, each of whom moved from
Thessaloniki will enter Turkish territory after the Greeks conquered the city when
The Ottoman Empire fell. Her father is from Kastamonu. Turan became interested in acting and
violin at a young age.

She later studied film at the Department of Radio, Television and Film Faculty.
communications, Istanbul University. In 2011, she played Gulfem in
Dinle Sevgili show.

The artist’s main income was with Ada on Karagül TV.
agreement. Karagyul decided to distribute life in 2013.
component film – Sevimli Tehlikeli, coordinated by Ozcan Deniz in 2015.
played her first major role in the TV show Meryem as Meryem … In 2018 she
acted as Leyla Sancak in Netflix’s first Turkish original show.

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