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She is a famous Brazilian internet personality and beauty pageant winner.
Good!! She became Miss Ceara 2017. After winning the title, she was
signed by the famous accessories brand Alianca de Ouro Group. She was seen
wear sunglasses of this brand. Later Alexia took part in
Miss Brazil 2017 Pageant … She also uses some famous brands and they
Givenchy, Jimmy Choo, Fendi and Dior. She was seen with Jason DeRulo in Demi
Lovato Halloween Party 2019.

Wow!! She is a well-known Instagram personality and continues to write about her fitness.
rollers. Alexia has over 20.7 thousand followers through her Insta account. Her sexy
the body is admired by her fans. She instructs her fans to complete the body
exercise, focus on good quality food and never skip it. Alexia
has a TikTok account and shares short videos through it.

She is always on the news for her activities. Alexia was seen wearing green
a colored bikini for a drink in the photo she shared. The fans praised her
fat-free body. While on vacation in Cancun, a city in Mexico, her yellow bikini.
attracted the attention of many. Her hot thighs and beautiful hair were liked by many … She wore
A cropped top that reveals a bra and panties got the most likes.
Some fans went crazy for her body. She also put on a little makeup, but in general
her photo was too hot, too tame.

Good!! She recently shared a picture of her being seen wearing a lace.
bikini. In this photo, she looked hot and hot. Some people liked her
an hour of glass-shaped bodywork and some admired its assets. Alexia also answered
her followers who loved her gorgeous body. In a scandalous photo, she went
half-naked and attracted a lot of attention.

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