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Aliza Vellani is a Canadian television presenter based in British Columbia.
Vellani is best known for her features as Leila Siddiqi on the CBC hit.
arranged by Little Mosque on the Prairie, Marcy arranged by CW iZombie,
and Sandeep’s recovery period for Fox’s The X-Files arrangement.

Her additional work includes The Troop from Nickelodeon and Disney’s Geek.
Charming … In 2007 and 2008 Vellani won the BC and National Star Awards for
Art and culture. Vellani was born on October 30, 1991 in Vancouver, India.
foreigners from East Africa.

She began her training at an early age at Tarlington Training while she
went to York House School. After graduating from high school, Vellani continued with her
practice acting, voice acting and movement. Vellani currently holds a BA in Foreign Affairs majoring in
at the Simon Fraser University Theater.

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