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Alyssa Trask is a wonderful Canadian performer both on screen and on stage.
Good!! Alyssa Trask is best known for her role as a Swedish dancer in
a film called ‘The Next Step’ … The Backstage television series also became
popular, where she got the main role.

Alissa’s performance and hard work in the Swedish dance team benefited her.
critical praise and landed a role in Backstage. Alissa has been shown
at various events including TSO, World of Dance, IIFA Awards, Toronto Raptors
mini Dancepak and Nutcracker.

Alyssa is also an accomplished dancer in several disciplines such as ballet,
lyric, modern, hip hop and jazz funk. Alice Trask was born on 16
August 1999 at Waterloo in southern Ontario in Canada. Alissa
spoke little about her family. She grew up with her sister named Avery

Alissa has been dancing passionately since she was two. Alissa is fluent
Spanish and English. She studied dance both in Toronto and Los Angeles.
Angeles and New York … She has participated in various tournaments and events.
Alyssa has traveled extensively in the USA and Canada.

Alissa has received many awards, titles and scholarships.
Alissa was given the opportunity to personally work, perform and help some of
the most popular choreographers in the USA and Canada. She acted as
Nominee for Monsters of Hip Hop Showcase, Pulse Protégé and performer of Velocity MVA.

Alyssa Trask is currently a member of the New York dance troupe called
Abstrakt Beings is fully dedicated to helping artists advance in
their industry. This versatile artist is natural on stage.
well, like on camera.

Alyssa made her big screen debut in America’s Girl, where she played
Emma in 2014. Alyssa has also been spotted in an animated series called
Stanley Dynamic … Alyssa Trask is a very beautiful babe and she is confident
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